Sheriffs and DAs from 15 parishes hosted an event for John at the home of Marion and Tommy Zentner.

This date was very special for John and Alana, since it was their 30th anniversary.

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District Attorney and Sheriff hosts:

DA Penny Douchiere, DA Brian Frasier, DA Mack Lancaster(Ret),
DA Chris Nevils, DA Danny Newell, DA James Paxton,
DA Steve Tew, Sheriff John Ballance, Sheriff Clay Bennett,
Sheriff Andy Brown, Sheriff Sammie Byrd, Sheriff Kevin Cobb,
Sheriff Sam Dowies, Sheriff Dusty Gates, Sheriff Gary Gilly,
Sheriff Wayne Houck(Ret),Sheriff Rickey Jones,
Sheriff Cranford Jordan, Sheriff Steve May(Ret),
Sheriff Jay Russell, Sheriff Scott Mathews,
Sheriff Mike Stone(Ret),Sheriff Mike Tubbs,
Sheriff Stephen Williams & Sheriff Wydett Williams